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New INBAS project "Hop-on" provides refugees with online information about the German VET system

With the new project "Hop-on" (Help for orientation in the professional system - online for newcomers) within the scope of the "Hamburg Online Open University" (HOOU) INBAS is developing an interactive information platform for professional training for newcomers. It addresses adult newcomers who want to build upon their previous professional skills and experiences.

The main objective is to gather and compile information in order to answer frequently asked questions about the complex structures of the German professional system for the specific target groups – in German and Arabic.

Aided by web-based tools and social networks the project team plans to initiate a dialogic process between individual professional experience and the German system of professional training. Newcomers and users can actively participate and contribute throughout this process.

A "roadmap" generating individual pathways to a vocational certificate as well as peer group stories are to assist newcomers in finding suitable counsellors (focused on Hamburg and Berlin) and follow through with their professional goals.

INBAS is responsible for the coordination and content development, the Technical University of Hamburg Harburg (client) is in charge of the technical implementation. The project started on 5/1/2016 and will end on 10/15/2016.

Ideas, exchanges and questions are very welcome to:

Christiane Arndt
Alt-Moabit 60a
10555 Berlin
eMail: arndt@remove-this.inbas.com
Phone: 030-3940553-14

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