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What makes Career Guidance & Counselling a Success?

Date and time: 24th of September, 10:00-13:00h CET
Place: online via Cisco Webex

What do case studies from different countries tell us about how to design CGC for inter-cultural settings such as support the establishment of new CG services in developing countries or counselling immigrants in Germany? 
We would like to discuss success factors playing a role for the successful guidance or counselling process of young people in transnational comparison. Which determinants play a role and can be identified? Do they apply universally? Are they relative and context-specific? The conference will make a statement on this at the end.

Up to 3 hours online meeting (with a short break in the middle).

  • presentation of three good practice examples from different countries
  • statements and panel discussion by researchers from Europe and beyond (Pakistan, Egypt)
  • Exchange with the audience, i.e. INBAS professional implementing a variety of national and international projects


Part ONE: practitioners’ view (interviews)
- example from Spain, Catalan context, Orienta4YEL (orienta for “yell” = young early leavers)
- example from Germany, Capacity building for students, companies and vocational schools involved in apprenticeship-training, QuABB (Nina Becker, FRESKO e.V. and Edona Krcmari, GWAB)
- example from Egypt, career education/education management skills (Emad Helmy)

Part TWO: the researchers’ perspective (short inputs and panel discussion)
- Global South Perspective: Pakistan, cultural preparedness, Personality and Self (Raza Abbas)
- European Perspective: Orienta4YEL – successful strategies for actions (Prof. Patricia Olmos Rueda)
- European Perspective: guidance principles in Europe, CEDEFOP/vet toolkit for ELET (Dr. Irène Psifidou)
- Germany, Counselling on the recognition of foreign qualifications, MoAB (Daniel Santos)

Concept: Pre-discussions in different small groups will develop a common design for the event and identify guiding questions - so that the active participants can bring in their own focus and interest.

Audience: Career Guidance and Counselling professionals and experts from different networks coming from all over the world – max. 150 persons

Raza Abbas (Global Career Practitioner)
Nina Becker (FRESKO e.V.)
Emad Helmy (Career Advisory Tools [CAT] International)
Edona Krcmari (GWAB)
Dr. Irène Psifidou (CEDEFOP)
Prof. Patricia Olmos Rueda (UAB)
Daniel Santos (INBAS)

Dr. Sabine Beck (INBAS)
Michaela Henn (INBAS)

For organisational reasons we would ask that you register by Friday, 22nd of Sept., 2021.


Language: conference language is English, no translations are provided

Date: 24.9.2021 hours: 10-13h a.m. CET (Greek –1h, Bangalore –3,5h)

Contact: Dr. Sabine Beck, INBAS GmbH, +49 69 27224 853, sabine.beck@remove-this.inbas.com


You can find our data protection notice at https://en.inbas.com/data-privacy-statement.html.

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